Kathye Armitage


Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency

Board of Directors

Supported by people, not corporations

* Mother

* Community leader

   * Public Health Professional

* Educated in Sustainability & Water Systems

     * Groundwater Sustainability Advisory Committee Member

Who you choose to represent you in making choices about our water matters.

The choices made by the Board of Directors of SCV Water impact:

  • the quality of your water;

  • how much you pay; and

  • how our environment is impacted.


"I have these two notes on my work folder as a reminder of the basic but important questions that should always be asked when making decisions about our water. You have my commitment that when I am elected to represent you on the Board, I will keep these in front of me to ensure that the decisions being made are in the best interest of our children and families."

- Kathye


Kathye will be a strong voice for clean, affordable, and sustainable water. 

With a Graduate Degree in Public Health, 

Kathye has been advocating for the health, safety, and wellness of the public both professionally and in various volunteer roles for over 20 years.


She has also earned her Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Natural Resources and will be completing her Certificate in Water Systems Technology this fall.

Kathye currently serves on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee to the SCV Groundwater Sustainability Agency to provide input and gain public participation in the writing of our Groundwater Sustainability Plan.

All residents of the Santa Clarita Valley should have confidence that their water is clean and safe to drink and use. 
All residents and businesses of the Santa Clarita Valley should have affordable water service with reasonable collection policies. 


The youth of Santa Clarita should have confidence that the decision-makers in their community are making decisions now to mitigate the anticipated effects of climate change so that their generation and subsequent generations can enjoy sustainable sources of water, along with other plentiful natural resources


The residents and businesses of Santa Clarita Valley should expect that SCV Water has a regularly updated formal plan in place that considers anticipated events that could disrupt water service, ways to mitigate disruption with actions that can be taken now, and plans to deal with disruption should they still occur.


All residents of Santa Clarita Valley should have the opportunity to participate in events hosted by the Water Agency and be a part of the discussion.


Customers and ratepayers interested in knowing the business of the Water Agency should be able to understand what decisions are made by the Board and how they impact them.

Kathye is always looking to learn more and invites you to a conversation about the importance of healthy soil and its role in water quality.


Listen in on the  conversation about our water quality and how to read the Water Quality Report. 


Kathye will be on the ballot for voters in the Third Electoral Division.