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"Kathye Armitage has long worked to protect the health and well-being of others, and she will continue to work in the best interest of Santa Clarita residents. I am proud to endorse Kathye for the SCV Water Agency Board where she will be a strong voice for clean, affordable, and sustainable water."

- Kipp Mueller for State Senate 

"Kathye Armitage understands the connection between public health and environmental protection, including the need to ensure a clean and sustainable water supply for our valley. Watch Kathye in action and you will see a natural leader who works constructively with others and is ready to do the work required of the job. I confidently place my trust in Kathye Armitage."

- Diane Trautman

Sierra Club, SCV Group Political Chair & Former Planning Commissioner, City of Santa Clarita

"Kathye Armitage is exactly the kind of candidate that we need for SCV Water Board. Mrs. Armitage is an experienced advocate for public health and as such, I can say that I completely trust her with the water that my family will be drinking. She is well-versed on water issues, is very hard-working, and cares deeply about the well-being of the residents of the Santa Clarita Valley. I cannot imagine a better candidate!"

- Katherine Solomon, Local Educator


“I am personally endorsing Kathye Armitage for SCV Water Board. Kathye has been working in support of public health issues for 20 years. She is smart and compassionate and truly cares about the needs of the people in SCV”

- Dotty Stallman, Friend 


“The fundamental values that Kathye Armitage holds to be a progressive community leader are essential to the prosperity of the Santa Clarita Valley. Kathye’s strong initiative for a sustainable and healthy environment are visible to anyone who has a conversation with her. Starting from a local level, I believe her priorities are set to better our community and the people within.”

- Cami, West Ranch High School Student


“Kathye is perfect for this position ~ dedicated to all she does! Kind, meticulous and enthusiastic!”

- Amy Aspiras, Friend


“I readily and heartily endorse Kathye because I've witnessed her commitment to our community's safety and kids and I know she deeply immerses in the salient issues but remains humble and open and good listener and learner. And I believe she's in it for the right reasons. She has my confidence and grateful support.”

- Nancy Lambert-McQuillen, Executive FUSE Fellow - Bureau of Engineering, City of Los Angeles


“Kathye will prioritize public health and safe water. I trust her to be a voice for the community. She is eminently qualified with the education, advocacy experience, and personal grit our community needs to safeguard our families and the environment.”

- Jackie Thomas, Committee Chair, Democratic Alliance for Action, Santa Clarita


“I am endorsing Kathye Armitage for the SCV Water Board. I have met Kathye through our local chapter of Moms Demand Action and I can attest to her commitment and hard work as a lead of our group. I also know that she is a caring and knowledgeable individual whose goal is to safeguard and improve the environment and the water quality for her family and her fellow residents. I am sure that she will use her knowledge and enthusiasm in order to continue to improve the water management in our community.”

- Micaela Lee, Special Education Paraeducator and SCV resident since 2005


“I happily endorse Kathye Armitage for Water Board. Her education, dedication and attention to detail will benefit the community.”

- Karen Daniels, Teacher

"Kathye is a smart, reliable, hard-working individual who is always thorough in her research and thoughtful in her decisions. Vote for Kathye for SCV Water Board November 3 and donate what you can to her campaign. Ever little bit helps. She will be your voice for the many involved decisions for SCV water."

-Marybeth Jacobsen, Owner of Songbird Garden Design


“Kathye's organization, inventiveness, and sheer drive to make things better—which I experienced when she was the team parent for the first soccer team I coached—are just the skills we need in elected representatives. She will be an ideal advocate for cleaner water and for all SCV residents.”

- Jeff Hagkull, Board Member AYSO Region 46

“Kathye is one of the most hardworking and forthright people I know. She is someone who really gets in there and works on a problem, has the experience and drive to do what is necessary to learn something and come up with smart solutions. Her work with Mom's Demand Action and involvement in the community demonstrates her integrity and ability. I endorse Kathye for SCV Water Board!”

- Lisa M. McDougald, Writer/Publisher


“I have had the pleasure to work closely with Kathye for over two years now with our volunteer work to help prevent senseless gun deaths and promote gun safety. She is truly dedicated to the cause of improving our children's lives in a variety of ways, including the water they drink. Kathye's passion for a better environment, physically and socially, for our children is easily shown by her lifelong dedication to public health and her pursuance of education in this area. I proudly endorse Kathye Armitage for SCV Water Board.”

- Kat Walker, Gun Violence Prevention Activist


“I have no doubt that Kathye will advocate for our community and our families as she sits on the SCV Water Board. She has always wanted to do what is best for her family and will research all the information necessary to make the best decisions for all of us. My son said it this way “Ms. Kathye is the only person who actually knows what she is talking about before she talks” because she educates herself before she makes important decisions. She has my vote, and my son is excited to vote for the first time and he will be voting for her as well!!!”

- Sally Jo Liljedahl, Friend 


“Kathye is, without a doubt, a person who cares about our community and environment. As a mom in Santa Clarita, she knows that the decisions government makes will have an impact on local families. I was Kathye's neighbor for several years, and I still remember her showing up at my doorstep asking if I might have a box to help her move an injured snake she found in the street by our house. (The snake was moved and, hopefully, slithered off to better days.) Small actions can make a big difference, and Kathye won't be afraid to jump in and work hard to ensure our families have clean water for years to come.”

- Kristin Conrad, Editor and Mom


“I am proudly endorsing Kathye Armitage for the SCV Water Board. I met Kathye many years ago, when she was my son’s Cub Scout co-leader. My son has multiple special needs, and she made sure he was always included and accepted in every activity. Due to her attitude about Mark, the other boys accepted and included him, as well. I’ve had the privilege of working alongside her at Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America these past couple of years. She is the legislative lead of our local group, and is always knowledgeable and up-to-date on legislation pertinent to our group. She is extraordinary in completely researching everything in which she involves herself, and definitely gives 100% of her abilities and efforts. She is involved in many facets of issues facing our community. She is eminently qualified for this position (see her education/background on her website), and is extremely smart, as well as dedicated to the idea that we and our children deserve clean, affordable water. She is a person of honesty and great integrity, and will be a fierce advocate for all of us in this community.”

- Gayle Vogel, DAA Member