There is an attempt to discredit Kathye both in writing and verbally. An op-ed by Dan Masnada was published after the deadline for rebuttals passed, and verbal statements were made at the latest meetings of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (also by Dan Masnada) and the Groundwater Sustainability Agency by Bill Cooper, current Board Member of SCV Water Agency.


"Kathye is misleading the community about her qualifications with her ballot designation of Water Sustainability Advisor."


The LA County Registrar's office has very specific requirements about what three words a candidate can submit as a ballot designation based on what a person spends significant time and effort on in this calendar year, and Kathye provided the documentation/evidence required to meet them.


Kathye's qualifications include:​

  • Member of Stakeholder Advisory Committee to the SCV Groundwater Sustainability Agency

  • Graduate degree in Public Health and experience in field of Public Health

  • Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Natural Resources with coursework emphasis on water management and policy

  • Near completion of Certificate in Water Systems Technology

  • Experience advocating for the safety, health, and wellness of community members 


The LA League of Conservation Voters stated "Kathye is one of the most prepared candidates that would bring new leadership to the water district." (See their press release.)

See the "About" page for more information on Kathye's background and experience.